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Ameliasburgh Heritage Day

The grounds of the Ameliasburgh Historical Museum and Pioneer Village were a busy place on Sunday, Aug 31st. Volunteers pitched in to provide visitors with the opportunity to make their own butter and enjoy it on fresh-roasted corn or popcorn, to see the operating 1910 Golden Corliss steam engine, see how rope is made, see how woodworking was done without power tools, see how wool is spun into yarn, see the blacksmith shop in operation, or join in the children’s games! The Heritage Day is an annual event, and one to entertain the whole family.

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  1. elzina russel says:

    My great grandparents were born in Ameliasburg. Marshall Johnstone in 1842 . Great g m Mary Emily Adeline Way in 1845
    marreid in 1866. I understand Marshall was a miller. died aged 39 Mary Emily left at some point to raise her 4 daughters in Brandon. . She lived to be 99 while living with my grandparents in Vancouver. I am now 91 living in Toronto, Recently found your web site. Very interested. it looks like a warm hearted charming community.

    • elzina russel says:

      2nd comment. My great grand parent\s were born in Ameliasburg. Marshall Johnstone in 1843. great grandmother in 1845. Married in 1866. H a miller. died age 39. mary emily took her 4 daughters to Brandon. she lived to be 99 . died in Vancouver while living with my grandparents. I am 92 living in Toronto. recently found your web site. Very interested. a delightful appearing community. Zina Russel

    • Jennifer hart says:

      My g grandparents were from Amelisburg as well.
      Actually my GGG grandfather was Henry Hart 1802-1882 lived there and raised his family though he was born somewhere in New York. . He had a gdaughter named Alzina . As well as grandson named William Henry hart from Ameilasburg .Henry Hart died there in 1882. I sure would love to find out more about them and this beautiful little town.
      Thank you Jennifer Hart California

      • Jan Nightingale says:

        The Marilyn Adams Genealogical Research Centre (MAGRC.com) is the place to look for info on your ancestors.

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