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Horse and Pony Show


Sunday, September 27, 2015  @  9:00 a.m. Sharp

Rules are as follows:

  1.  All competitors must have a paid-up Fair membership of $4.00 to show in any class. Gate fee of $5.00 applies to all non-members attending.
  2. Pony classes open to all breeds. Must be 14.2 hands and under. (Ponies can be        measured day of show). NO exceptions will be made to this rule.
  3. Ages of exhibitors will be determined as of 1st January the current year.
  4. Exhibitors to be dressed neat and tidy. ALL exhibitors must wear proper dress. Lead on Line, Walk, and Jog entrants must wear proper foot attire.
  5. Lead on Line, Walk and Jog exhibitors can enter Halter, Showmanship classes. If going in Costume they must be lead.
  6. Classes will be run according to A.Q.H.A. rules and C.E.F. rules. Judges interpretation will govern.
  7. All registered horses must show proof of registration.
  8. If you enter class #3 or #4 you cannot enter class #5

NOTE:  If a horse has been shown previously at local a Horse Club as a registered horse, it must be shown as a registered horse at the Ameliasburgh Fair.

  1. Fees are not refundable due to inclement weather before the show starts or once show has started.  No refund of fees unless a note from the veterinary.
  2. NO refunds once a class is entered, it remains. If you wish to change a class, a new entry fee must be paid. This includes all pre-entered classes.
  3. Members showing stallions must be 18 years and over.
  4. Youth classes are 18 years and under.
  5. Sr. Pony classes are 18 years and over
  6. There must be a minimum of 3 entries in each class to be judged. Show committee has the right to combine classes.
  7. Deadline for entries is 6:00 p.m. September 18, 2015. A late entry fee of $5.00 per pony per class and $6.00 per horse class will be charged after this date.
  1. Please make cheques payable to Ameliasburgh Fair Board
  2. All numbers will be $2.00 with money being returned after the show, when numbers are returned.
  3. Mail or Call entries into:
    Scott & Amanda Carter, 613-962-1795
    1027 Victoria Road
    Ameliasburgh, ON
    K0K 1A0
  4. Fees for all classes are: Pony  . . .  $2.50 each

Horse . . .  $3.00 each

Sunday September 27, 2015 @ 9:00 am

PRIZES and RIBBONS:      1ST . . .  $11.00      2ND . . .  $9.00      3RD . . . $6.00

  1. Stallion Halter, any breed
  2. Pony Halter
  3. Registered or Open Mares (no ponies) or
  4. Registered or Open Geldings (no ponies)
  5. Registered Appaloosa Halter (trophy donated by the Shaw family)
  6. Champion and Reserve
  7. Resident of Ameliasbugh Line Class (trophy and ribbons only) Rider must reside in Ameliasburgh.
  8. Youth Showmanship
  9. Showmanship (Sr. can show ponies)
  10. Lead On Line (11 and under)
  11. Walk and Jog (13 and under)

  PRIZES and RIBBONS:      1ST . . .  $14.00      2ND . . .  $10.00      3RD . . . $8.00

  1. Jack Benny Class (rider must be over 39 yrs. and cannot show in any other riding class) Walk and Trot / Jog only
  2. Youth English Pleasure Pony
  3. English Pleasure Horse
  4. Youth English Equitation
  5. English Equitation (no ponies)
  6. Youth Hunter Hack
  7. Hunter Hack  (horses and ponies)
  8. Youth Show Hack
  9. Show Hack  (horses and ponies)
  10. English or Western Pony – Pleasure
  11. English or Western Pony – Equitation
  12. Youth Western Pleasure Pony
  13. Western Pleasure Horse
  14. Youth Western Equitation
  15. Western Equitation  (no ponies)
  16. Youth Open Command
  17. Open Command  (horses and ponies)
  18. Youth Special Event
  19. Special Event  (horses and ponies)
  20. Youth Musical Tires
  21. Musical Tires  (horses and ponies)
  22. Youth Potato Race
  23. Potato Race  (horses and ponies)
  24. Ride a Buck – horses and ponies ($5.00 to enter, winner takes all)
  25. Open Costume

CONVENOR: Nicole Everall, 613-399-1721

Horse and Pony Entry Form