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Youth Division

No Membership is required for this division. Entries completed at home, or at school are to be brought to the Fair Grounds between 4:00 and 8:00 pm on Friday, September 25, 2015. Judging will take place after 8:00 pm. Decisions of the judges are final.

All exhibits are to be the work of the exhibitor and not shown previously at the Ameliasburgh Fair. The determination of the grade level is by the grade level at the time of completion of the article. All exhibits must have name, GRADE LEVEL, class and school marked on the tag. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER CLASS NUMBER. Toys and crafts cannot be made from kits, molds, models, or ceramic unless otherwise stated.

TEACHERS: When entering classroom work, please limit entries to 5 per class in each section per teacher.

600 Painted picture
601 Craft
602 Coloured picture

603 Painted picture
604 Piece of Art using markers
605 Printing or Numbers
606 Crayon picture
607 Torn paper craft or picture

608 Five (5) treasures from a nature walk creatively displayed.
609 Printing – print all letters of the alphabet, in order. Decorate your page.
610 Crayon picture
611 Any Craft
612 Art using markers
613 Painted picture

614 Creative Writing (short story less than one page)
615 Art using markers
616 Painted picture
617 Craft
618 Five (5) treasures from a nature walk creatively displayed
619 Crayon picture or poster

620 A hand-drawn picture of you, with your mother and/or grandmother, doing an activity together.
621 Collage incorporating natural materials
622 Art-crayon
623 Craft
624 Create a picture which includes stickers
625 A painted picture of yourself enjoying your favourite activity.

626 Neatly copy out your favourite poem or saying and decorate your page appropriately.
627 Collage incorporating natural materials
628 Art – in crayon or paint
629 Craft
630 Art – using string
631 Article made of paper maché

632 Create an interesting front page for a newspaper
633 Create a picture using natural materials (pine cone pieces, twigs, etc.)
634 A poster, in any medium, on a matter of interest to you.
635 A piece of art, in any medium, based on a novel. State the title of the novel on the back of the art.
636 Poem in English or French (not more than 1 page)
637 Intrigue the judges with a piece of your art – any medium

638 A photo essay, including at least 5 pictures (photographs, photocopies or drawings) mounted on Bristol board, explaining an aspect of County history such as fishing, canning or other.
639 Poem (less than 2 pages)
640 Craft
641 Art – crayon
642 Art – paint
643 Six (6) native weeds or leaves pressed, identified and creatively displayed

644 An ad or poster in any medium for your favourite hobby, club or sport.
645 Craft
646 An original cover design, in any medium, for your favourite book or CD
647 Art – paint
648 Original poem in English or French, no longer than 2 pages

649 A photo essay including at least 5 pictures (photographs, photocopies or drawings) on the theme of this Fair: “Those Were the Days”
650 A paper (maximum two pages) explaining one aspect of County or Canadian history.
651 Poster advertising a concert by a band of your choice. Must be hand drawn, size 8 1/2″ x 14″
652 Art – paint
653 An original poem in English or French, no longer than one page.

654 Create an original poster advertising a concert or a movie of your choice. Must be hand drawn, size 8 1/2″ x 14″.
655 Essay, no longer than two pages, on the importance of knowing the history of a place or country.
656 Art. any medium
657 Poem in English or French, no longer than one page.
658 Handmade creation from one of your hobbies (kits may be used)

CONVENOR: Beverley Marr (613) 965-6846